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You Should KnowGozo Artisan Network Membership Criteria

  • Criteria 1

    Members should be active economic operators. Membership shall be open to all professional and licensed artisans and craftspeople based and operating from Gozo who have a potential of contributing to the tourism experience in Gozo.

  • Criteria 2

    A craftsperson - (i) shall produce a certificate demonstrating his competence in the practice of the traditional craft and/or any document or evidence showing that the craftsperson had been practising the craft for at least two years up to the date of his/her registration; (ii) shall be sixteen years or over up to the date of his/her filing an application for registration.

  • Criteria 3

    Applicants shall produce the following documents together with their application for registration: (i) VAT certificate, (ii) trading licence if applicable.

  • Criteria 4

    The current annual membership fee is €40 per individual member.

  • Criteria 5

    The Panel of Experts appointed by the Association will review membership applications and recommend acceptance, or the application of improvement criteria or otherwise.

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